Perfectly Balanced LLC

Customized Bookkeeping Solutions

As a business owner, you know that financial data is vital to business growth and success. Launching your specialized business was not for the purpose of spending time working as a bookkeeper or accountant, but having a solid understanding of where your business is financially is crucial and pertinent to your success.

Perfectly Balanced LLC is a full service bookkeeping firm specializing in QuickBooks solutions. The objective is to utilize our strengths so you will have an increased opportunity to focus on growth and effectiveness within your business and confidently make decisions for the future.

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a bit about me…

I am Jen Sorensen, the honored owner of Perfectly Balanced LLC. My vision is to establish relationships with business owners in order to encourage growth and to procure a higher level of success within their business. By focusing on what I do best, this will allow you, as the owner, to maintain a higher level of attention on your specialty. I have over 20 years of bookkeeping/accounting, as well as business management experience; working within multiple industries including construction, marketing, credit union, holistic healthcare, and mental healthcare. Each of these opportunities refined my skill set and my approach with business management.

My professional journey helping small businesses, connecting with the owners, and understanding the needs and aspirations of each business, cultivates my strengths and is the niche in which I flourish.

On a personal level…I am the wife of an incredible man, Erik, who has been a journeyman carpenter for many, many years! We have three amazing children who mean the world to me – Abby, Issy and Liam.  We are a very close clan who love spending time together outdoors, snuggling and watching movies, reading many, many books and pretty much anything that we can have fun doing!

I myself, love gardening (my thumb isn’t the greenest – working on this!), connecting with my Mom, spending quality time with friends, watching documentaries and reading non-fiction books. Although, I must say, these special things exist in small doses, family life is where I spend most of my time!